Sunday, May 30, 2010


hello again. how are you? i gotta say, my week was pretty good one!
Monday at basketball we had the biggest group of people show up as of yet. i think there were 7 of us which made for an interesting game of 3 on 4. haha. Tuesday i spent the whole time on the playground pushing kids on swiings as usual. we had a good bible study lead by Pastor's wife that was filled with scripture, and afterwards the girls sold pastels for the retreat fundraiser. There was a "worship team" practice after that for the ladies who sing in front of the church at the services, so some of the girls and i hung out it the back and i tried to actually get some pictures of them (cuz ive been kind of bad at that the past 4 months..) but taking pictures with them is like pulling teeth! they tell me to delet like every picture i take cuz they find something they dont like about it! ive started to take a paparazzi style aproach and just snap pictures when they least expect it.. it seems to be working. hehe..
Wednesday we stayed in town after school becaus amanda and douglas had dentist appointments, so we didnt make it back to Grupo CEO for the study, but we had fun hanging out. Douglas, Amanda, and i watched some french movie called Surviving With Wolves that i would not recomend even to my worst enemies...strange movie (i would like to point out that this is not the first movie that ERIKA picked out that has been....less than enjoyable. ;D dont worry erika, i still love you!)
Thursday was, as usual, a fun day with the little ones at Children's Worship. I really should do a better job at getting some pictures of them too. They're soo cute!! Friday was just a good day in every aspect. 1) it was friday, i mean, who doesnt like fridays? 2) We ate lunch at McDonalds. yum! 3) playground time was fun which lead into a good Childrens Worship with the Pre-Teens (thiago pretty much owned me this week in our dance off..) 4) we watched The Triumph at the teen meeting which really got them thinking about how much they can accomplish if they work as a family in community (thats right brian, community) and dont give up. 5) the Devos after the movie were filled with the Holy Spirit, and everyone was connected and paying attention. I gave my devo on Life and how we're living it right now, its not something that starts "when we're older" its today, and we only get one chance to live the plan God has for us. I sort of left it at the end with the idea from that switchfoot song "This is your life, are you who you wanna be?" Patrick translated the last half of the devo for me cuz i really wanted the kids to understand. (by the way, he's getting better at that every time he does it! thanks Patrick!)6) the last real highlight of the night was at the end when we joined to pray. Erika asked for volunteers to pray, which, im pretty sure ive mentioned before, can be a futile question with the teens, but to my surprise and to the glory of God, you know who raised their hand? Barbara. Now, i dont know how much i've mentioned her in my blog, but normally, barbara isnt one to volunteer to pray. Not only that, most times if you ask her to pray, she wont do it. You can stand there waiting with your head bowed and eyes closed, but she wont. It was a different story on friday though. She volunteered and prayed a prayer from the heart, and i was so blessed! After the meeting she was a little teary-eyed and talked privately with the pastor's wife for a little while, and when i saw her after that i told her i was really proud of her and she smiled and said thanks.
God is good. He is just SO GOOD! and you know what else ive realized? He IS going to be victorious. He WILL conquer the Deciever who whispers all kinds of lies in these kids ears every day. This battle is His. These children are His. He had already declared that He will deliver them. Now all we need to do is be willing to seek His will to make that happen. I dont know exactly when, and i dont know how He's going to do it, but God WILL be glorified in the lives of these kids, and just to be a part of it is an honor and blessing i never could have imagined!
So that was friday. haha. Saturday we spent all day at home relaxing. oh, and i made lunch! (dont worry, everyone is still alive!) today has been pretty slow too. But today before lunch, Amanda and i went to a ladies house in the neighborhood whos daughter has microcephaly. We spent a long time talking with her about her daughter and life in brasil, and how tourists pay way too much money for things at the market. haha. She's a nice lady with a beautiful family. oh, and i almost forgot! earlier that morning, while setting the church up for the service tonight, Patrick and i were almost converted to Jehova's Wittnesses! ok, so we werent even close to being converted, but there were JW's walking around the whole community this morning in their ties and dress-pants spread their "truth" around to anyone who would listen.
Tonight, we're going to start a series at church all about FAMILY wich is a a topic that a lot of people in the church have really wanted to study. Pray that God brings people with hearts ready to accept His Word!
God is just awesome! theres so much i could thank Him for! He brought me through my tests better than i even expected, He has given more and more ease with the language as i need it, and He's changing hearts right before my eyes, including mine! I love you LORD!
And you know something else? He's doing just as much in you're life, you just need to open your eyes and take a look around and you'll see. = ) thanks for reading. God Bless!
Until Next Time,


  1. Jordan,
    You are a constant encouragment to me of somebody completely engulfed in God's Will! I'm so encouraged by your declarations of truth and am so excited to serve with you in 10 days!

  2. Jory, We can see everything happening as you write it and God is certainly working. Thank you for being obedient and walking closely with Him. We love you and miss you....but are so thankful you are there.....May God continue to ask you to do what He wants and may the Holy Spirit go before you and mom and dad