Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hey everyone!
Wow, has it really only been a week since i last blogged? seems like much longer. Monday started out the last week of homework at school!! At basketball this week we actually tried to play a little more by the rules. haha.
Tuesday we got to play basketball in gym class and my team did pretty much dominated if i may say so! Erika lead the Bible study with a lesson on being a true worshiper of God that is really applicable to the lives of all believers. Afterwards, as usual, got to talk to some of the girls about stuff in their lives and share God's promises with them. (yes, im really going into great detail, i know, but this kind of stuff is stuff you'll have to ask me about in person if you want hear about it. for now alls i can say is praise God for how He is working!)
Wednesday after school we went to the mall to do a little clothes shopping to a wedding we're going to on the 19th (one of the IBC teen leaders is getting married!) and we got to eat lunch at Pizza Hut! mmmm.. Then at night time we had a good service lead by Pastor Eudes and had some time to hang out and talk afterwards.
Now Thursday, let me tell you, Thursday was a day that i could not believe was already here! We got up early in the morning, piled in the car, and went to the airport and, after four and a half months, i got to see one of my best friends Robert Lauter!! This is his third time down here, and he's going to spend a month of his summer ministering to the teens in the community and serving our Lord, and im soo happy that i get to finaly serve here with him! Welcome back, Robert! After picking him up from the airport, we came home (..yeah, school wasnt exactly a priority that day between rob arriving and the opening ceremony of the World Cup! haha.) After Rob got all his stuff settled in, he and i played basketball for a while then after lunch the whole gang watched the World Cup opening ceremony (well, everyone except erika. She had to miss it because of the Senior ladies meeting, and she wasnt too happy about that. ; D) Once 4:00 rolled around it was time for playground and soccer. Rob came to the playground first and pushed some kids on the swing with me, thats when i realized my rolls gonna shift into an unofficial translator for him for a little while. lol I stayed on the playground while rob went to soccer until it was time for Childrens Worship, which i think is getting more and more exhausting every time we have it! After all the kids when home, we went to the house and ate dinner and Rob and i watched Patrick and Douglas play the new video game they just got while Erika went to the Women's Bible study. Or, thats what we thought. When she got back she told me she didnt make it to the meeting because, when she was on her way over to the Grupo CEO building, she found out that Matheus (Josefa and Joyce's younger brother) had fallen of his bike and gotten scrapped up pretty badly. So instead of going to the meeting, Erika went to his house to check on him. Thankfully, it wasnt bad enough that they had to take him to the hospital, but he has scrapes and cuts all over his face, elbow, and legs, with one especially bad on his knee. On Friday after school i went with Erika over to see him and she cleaned his cuts and we prayed for him. He doesnt seem like hes in too much pain, but it sure looks like it hurts! And one of the worst things is that this 13 year old boy is gonna have to stay still in a hammock until his scrapes heal, which isnt going to be easy for him! but that in itself isnt too bad, except for when you take into account that his home environment isnt the kind that you would like to be stuck in for days at a time. Pray for his body and his spirit! Later on we had a good time with soccer, playground, and Children's Worship, but instead of going to the teen meeting, we went into Fortaleza for a birthday party of one of the guys in Patrick and i's class. It was at a churrascaria where they pretty much just bring slabs of delicious meat around to all the tables until you cant eat anymore. We had a good time, but i still missed meeting with the teens.
Then of course the next day is Saturday, so we get to sleep in, right? WRONG! Patrick, Douglas, and i all had to go to school for Vestibular Simulado (PSATs) which was a rather lame start to the weekends, but afterwards we went home and watched the USA vs England game! Most of our weekend from saturday into sunday evening consisted of soccer games, video games, and playing basketball.
The Sunday night service was about parents and teenagers and everyone seemed like they were pretty engaged the whole time, which is good because the subject of family is something that needs a lot of discussion in our young church!
This was another great week and, i'll say it again, i am soo blessed! I hope you'll keep praying everyone up (especially Bill as he traveles home this week!) and praising God with me for the work He has done, is doing, and has promised to do in the hearts of this community!

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  1. JO!! I thank God for you and Rob and the Moore Famiyl! You guys are AMAZING and I miss you gusy like crazy! Please tell everyone that I miss them greatly too! I wish I could be there to serve with you guys this summer too! But I know that God will continue to use you two in so many ways! I am praying and can't wait to hear the awesome progress that continues with the people I love so dearly!

    TIME!!! I MISS YOU!!!!