Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey guys! its been a while, hasnt it? This week has been so busy as last thursday Rob and I joined Copperfield Church in their ministry to the pre-teens and adults of the community. We has so many awesome things happen from baptisms to celebrating the one year anniversary of Grupo CEO's church, to people surrendering their lives to Christ, to a great time of fellowship and worship with the people of VQ! And all along the way, we made new friendships and were wittnesses to how much greatness God has planned for this community!!! Rob and i got on our knees and prayed for a lot of rather specific things going into this week, and with humility and praise i can tell you that God answered them right before our very eyes! We called on Him and His Will reigned throughout this entire week! Glory to our living God!
Thanks to all you guys who sent me birthday wishes. They had a nice little surprise party for me and Jamile, Gessica, Lais, and Cleonicia all choreographed a dance to a song about friendship and preformed it for me at the party. My purpose coming down here was to glorify God and bless His people here, but its incredible how greatly i've been blessed by knowing them.
If i took the time to tell you everything that happened these past 8 days, we'd both be sitting here for a while. Instead, im gonna take the easy way out and send you here:
Thats a link to several videos, a bunch of pictures, and a few summaries of what went on down here this week. John, one of the members of copperfields team, brought his camera and videod a ton of stuff that we were involved in and spent a lot of time putting all the clips together into videos. So, if you wanna catch a glimpse into what last week was all about, i suggest you check that out.
This weekend we get to slow down just a little bit, and prepare for the Lakewood team thats arriving on Monday to lead a 5 day teen retreat and do some work in VQ!! im so, so, so excited for this reatreat! God has so far provided for 22 teens from the community to be able to go, and my prayer is that their hearts are ready to accept the powerful message we've prepared for them!
All of us in the Moore family are pretty worn out from last week, so pray for our physical strenght and that no matter how tired our bodies get, our spirits stay strong and joyful! Satan is NOT happy with what has been happening and is about to happen in this community, and hes gonna jump at any opportunity he can to make this week take a turn for the worse, but we belong to an almighty King. We are His people, and He knows the plans He has for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to be our never ending hope and lead us into our life fulfilling future! Get it Jesus!
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