Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 2

Hello to all, live from Brasil!

Today has been great so far! I woke up, had an awesome breakfast, thanks to Sula, and then went over to the Grupo CEO building where the kids were singings songs and dancing before we had our teaching time. I remember the songs from two years ago, but definately not the motions! the kids helped me out though. their lesson was about spending time with God and we challenged them to spend 20 minutes a day with Him every day for a week! not an easy task, but as long as they're spending time with Him period, it will be a success. after the lesson, we took the pre-teens over to the basketball court and taught them how to play knockout and it went as easily as you might expect it to. ha ha. They caught on pretty quickly though and they love it! (thanks again to Mr. Lauter and Masterspas for donating the balls!) They must have played 7 or 8 games in the blazing heat! After the pre-teens left, the teens, Carlyn, Laura, and I all played Knockout with them which was great. Thiago was giving me a run for my money!
We're gonna eat lunch here in a few minutes and i think a pastor from an area church are gonna join us. then later in the afternoon we have playground time and childrens worship hour! Now let me tell those of you who dont know, childrens worship hour is not the quiet little peaceful, amazing grace type worship. this is intense! the kids are dancing and running around like crazy while you're trying to keep up and have pretty much no idea what the songs are even saying! its quite fun!
Welp, im gonna go do something, not sure what, but im gonna go do it. There might not be an update tomorrow cuz we're traveling to a village called...well i dont know how to spell it so i'll just call it VQ. Its a long drive and about a 4 mile hike away so keep us in your prayers!

Until next time,

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  1. It is pronounced - as best I can tell when Bill says it 5,000 mph -

    Var - zheem . . . Kay - mada.