Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fast Morning, Slow Day, and a Little Bit of Tequila

Hello to all, Live from Brasil!!
We got to sleep in a little today! I got up around 7 and did some devos and soon Carlyn joined me in the living room. We all migrated to the kitchen when Erika woke up cuz we knew that meant that breakfast was coming up. Eventually it was the 3 of us and Bill all at the table enjoying some homemade, ham and cheese breakfast melts and a papia smoothie! Because we dont meet with the pre-teens on saturdays, Bill told us that the day was ours to do whatever. So we talked for a while and then one of the teen girls from the community called on the intercom wanting to have a girls soccer time and that sounded good to us! We made our way out to the field, knowing that we were about to be whooped by brasilians in their element that is soccer. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be though! i managed to not loose the tip of my toenail until about halfway through and, even though my team was down most of the game, we rallied and i think ended up losing by only one goal! haha.
Within about an hour the heat got the best of me and i sat out on the side listening to music and "talking" with Alane, Lania, Joice, Laisa, and the other Americanas. We hung out for prolly another hour until it was time to go home for lunch, so we said goodbye and went and ate. (this time we had chicken with our rice instead of beans!!) After that the Americans, Laisa, and Erika all sat down at the table and began planning the three day pre-teen retreat that we'll be holding on the 16th 17th and 18th (i think). Its looking like it will be a busy weekend, but the kids are gonna have a ton of fun! I fully intended on getting online to blog after that, but once i laid down on the bed, i was out for the next few hours!
I woke up around 430 and finaly did go out and blog a little, and then Erika wanted to finish some planning for the retreat. We met for an hour or so and finished up the schedual, next comes the hard stuff: lesson planning and scavanger hunt making!
We wrapped that up around 6 due to the growling of our stomachs and hopped in the car to this small "restaurant" that a lady runs from her home. I tried a Brasilian Pastel which was delicious, ecspecially when you wash it down with and ice cold coke! Our entertainment for the evening was definately the owner's husband who showed up completely hammered! He's an older guy and told us how he has such a good heart and has always wanted to learn new languages and has always had good intentions to do great things (typical drunk talk if you ask me). It was hilarious though! We have officially nicknamed him "Tequila". And i got a picture with him that you'll all want to see!
When we were done eating, we piled back in the cars and headed home. It's been a much needed, relaxing day to prepare us for the next two very busy weeks! I miss you all and i cant wait to see you and tell you face to face what God has done! (well, actually i can, cuz in order to do that im gonna have to leave here..but you get the picture.) love you guys! = D

Until next time,


  1. I love reading about what you're doing there! I miss you a ton and love you SO much! We've been reading every day. =)

  2. Just got back from vacation - looking forward to following your blogging more closely! Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience.