Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Into the Swing of Things

Hello, hello! well today was my second day of school and i must say my favorite class is ENGLISH! it wasnt really much of the class though. the prof. spent most of the time just talking to me. lol last night was the first time i got to see most of the people i know. we had a bible study and i got to hang out and "talk" with the kids which was so great to do again! oh, and guess what i found out. im going to be in another quinceanerra type thing! what are the odds? lol the pastors daughter jessica is turning 15 and i will most likely be paired with Patrick (the son of the missionaries i am staying with) for the dance at her party on the 6th of Feb. it should be fun!.
Back to school, i havent had too much trouble so far....then again we have done nothing but take notes. i have made friends with the people patrick hangs out with. i think a group of us may be going to a movie on friday. The kids here act pretty much the same as the kids back home, although theres a little more PDA tollerated at school. lol
hmm... what else has happened.. Im not sure what else to say right now other than i miss everyone more than i thought i would! i am very happy to be here though, and as i spend more time with the kids, i am starting to recognize what work God wants done in their lives. As far as things you can pray about go, please keep praying for my understanding of the portuguese language and my sensetivity to the Holy Spirit. Also, Bill will be getting back from his business trip tonight so please pray for his safety. sorry for this blog being kind of choppy but there has been a lot to take in in only two days. i will write again soon. miss you all!

Until Next Time,

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  1. If you want me to teach any of my dance moves, we can video chat on skype. Just let me know. I'm good like that.