Sunday, March 14, 2010


hey guys! well, i gotta start off by praising God for carrying me through another week! As some of you know, I've been getting my scores from my tests back and by the Grace of God im not doing as badly as i thought i would! haha. technically i have not actually gotten a passing grade on any of the tests, but i havent gotten them all back yet and really, im just greatful for my 5's 4's and 2's!
ive told you before that the most important thing the school wants from me is to see me give my best and socialize with the other students so that i learn more about Brasilian culture, so ive been doing just that! after taking a break from basketball last week because of tests, ive started playing during our break time every day wich is a good way for me to intereact with people outside of my class. i also went to the mall to see a movie yesterday with Patrick and some friends from school! (if you would have told when i was down here back in 2007 that in 3 years i'd be goin to the movies on weekends with people from my Brasilian school, i would have feared for your mental health. God is the one with the plans though!!!) we had a good time, and afterwards Bill (who got to come home from his job early!, Erika, Patrick, Douglas, Amanda, and i all went to eat at Pasta ou Pizza which is pretty much THE place to be as far as pizza is concerned down here! especially their CHOCOLATE pizza! (yeah, i know, im really going without down here on the mission field.
Last week i said that i felt like God was going to open up opportunities for me to talk to some of the teens about stuff thats going on in their lives, and He did! Not only here at Grupo CEO, but also a litle bit with one of the guys from school. Im not going to go into detail on all of them, but i will ask you to keep praying for the teens and that they would realize that no matter what is happening in their lives, nothing can take away the Joy that comes with the Holy Spirit that is working in all of us who believe!
Another one of my "socializations" this week was getting involved in this short Good Samaritan skit that me and a few other teens are presenting tonight at Church. I should actually go and practice one it last time right now so thanks for reading, thanks for praying, and thank You LORD for loving me through!!
Until Next Time,


  1. Woke up thinking of you this morning. Thanks so much for the updates. You are in our prayers and those you are sharing with. Have a great day.

  2. Go get'em girl! I'm praying for you and that the teens will continue to open up and embrace all that God's got for them!

    I am praying that God continues to give you the strength you need for each day and an understanding heart as they finally do open up!

    Love ya TIME!!!