Saturday, March 6, 2010


hey everyone!
well, after a long week of tests, this weekend couldnt have come fast enough! thanks to all of you who prayed me through this week! I can tell you for a fact that God heard those prayers and gave me a better understanding of the material on my tests! that doesnt mean i passed them all with flying color though... the grading scale here is 1-10, 10 being 100 percent and i found out that i got a 2 on my Literature test! hah! but the best part is, i tied with another kid in my class and got higher than one of the girls! dont ask me how that happened, im just greatful that God is getting me through and im gonna keep giving it my best!
I had a cool opportunity this week to talk with some of the girls at my school about why i came to Brasil. They asked why i chose to study at Collegio Batista and i explained how i know Patrick and his family though missions work that i have done here in the past and i told them that i came to Brasil and i have to study because i am a teenager, but the real reason i am here is to do missions work! it wasnt an incredibly in-depth conversation considering that we were talking with no one around to translate, but im glad i had the chance to tell them why i am here and where my heart is. Praise God!
Today was a work day at the Grupo CEO building and it was really encouraging to see many of the teens and pre-teens show up to help mop, sweep, wash chairs, and organize the building. the place looks great now, with the new floor and everything. But the church buidling is nothing without The Church!
I think this week i am gonna have the opportunity to talk with a couple of the teens here about stuff that is going on in their lives, so pray that 1)i can understand what they're saying! 2) i can communicate to them what God Word says about their sittuation and 3) that im sensetive to the Holy Spirit cuz without that, anything that i say is pointless!
well, i have another long week ahead of me but its filled with opportunities! I can so joyfully say that God has been revealing His love to me and its so incredible to open my eyes and realize how ACTIVE He is! When i read His Word, He reminds me that those promises arent just for people who lived 2000 years ago, they're for me, for this very day that i am living! Hallelujah! Father, you are so worthy of all the praise that i have ever recieved or given and soo much more! Nothing compares to knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior!
Until Next Time,

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