Monday, April 12, 2010

Bye, Bye, Bimester!

Helooo... well, i am happy to say that Bimester Tests are over! they were harder than the first round of tests cuz they had more material, but, yet again, God gave me strength and helped me through it! thanks for all your prayers! I also went to the Bible study at school on wednesday again and so did a few guys from my class. The girls that teach it seem to really be in tune with God so hopefully people will keep on coming and get more curious about the Truth!
Oh, and just like the week was filled with tests, 8:00-11:00 on saturday was also spent doin the brasilian version of the PSAT. It was a trip, let me tell you! but it doesnt count for an actual score, we just get points for participation, and i for sure participated! Then, after the test, the whole family went to the mall for lunch and then patrick and i walked around for a while and hung out while everyone else did their thing. After that we went home and i took a lovely nap and relaxed until it was time to go to my first Brazilian Christian concert! It was raining off and on and there were a TON of people jumpin all around and knocking into each other, therefore it was awesome!! the main guy, Trazendo Arca, didnt even show up at the concert until midnight, but there were opening acts before that. there was a group of people there from Grupo CEO so it was cool to hang out with them outside of church.
Speaking of the teens and church, lets rewind to friday night. I gave another devotional on "dont sacrifice what you want most (to be like God and to please Him) for what you want in the moment (satisfaction from sin)". it went well, but the really great part about it was listening to the devotions that Ingrid, Jamile, and Evair gave. They werent just: heres a verse, heres what i think it means. They had thought it out and were explaining how to apply it to their lives and all of them backed it up with more than one Scripture reference! It was a blessing for sure. = ) thanks to all you guys for praying for them to have the courage and sensetivity to speak! Next week its gonna be Joyce, Benjamin, and Douglas so please pray them up too!
Things to pray for: the people at Grupo CEO and at school to continue to open their hearts to the Holy Spirit. I can see God their knocking, they just need to open the door! Bill is gonna be goin back to work in a couple weeks, so pray that everything here is in order for him to leave and that he has a nice time with his family before being gone for so long. The Brasil Team that is coming down this summer, that we can really get moving and planning and God prepares us all to speak His Words though us!
My Visa, i have to go ask the "people in charge" to get it renewed for another 90 days, so pray that everything goes smoothly and God goes before us with His providence.
Now, things to praise God for!: i got a 6 in Sociologia, a 6.4 in História, and a 7 in Matemática (the easier one of the two classes i have) as far as the Bimester tests go, and thats all by the Grace of God, seriously! Aslo, we've been haveing more attendence at the teen meetings which just shows how He works in people's hearts! Im picking up the language more and more which is totally His doing as well. And finally, i just wanna praise Him for showing me every single day how much He loves me and how i KNOW He is with me every single moment of the day!! Thank You Jesus!! Oh, and by the way, He loves you too! ; D
I really miss you all!! thanks so much for the prayers and for not forgeting about me or the work our God is doing down here. Love you guys!
Until Next Time,


  1. PApa says praise HIM for HE is so active in your ministry there, a word for my little girl. isaiah 40:31 but they who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength ,they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary , they shall walk and not faint!!!! you go jo jo

  2. TIME!!! You are a blessing in my life and I know you are a blessing to the lives of those in Brazil! I am praying for you! I miss you trunk, break and smoothie buddy!!