Monday, April 5, 2010

He's Alive!

Hello, hello! this past week was a really good one! we only went to school until Wednesday and had a much appreciated 4-day weekend! on Thursday, i went with bill and erika to breakfast at McDonalds while we got the car ready for the trip to VQ and did some grocery shopping. (by the way, their Bacon, egg, and cheese McMuffins kick the pants off of ours! just sayin..) Then around 2 in the afternoon a huge group of pre-teens, teens, and a couple women from the community traveled about 3 hours to VQ (the community in the interior of brasil). It was a really good time of service and getting to just hang out with everyone. We spent a lot of the ride there singing worship songs which was really cool. the pre-teens performed their skit and it went really well. Pastor Eudes also lead the easter service and we had a worship time which somehow consisted of me leading one of the songs with Joyce and Jamile.. with a microphone! all of you who know me well should be impressed! lol During the ride there and back i had a few good conversations with some of the girls which was hopefully as much of a blessing to them as it was to me. = ) Oh, and while we were there, i got to drive Bills truck on the paths that were too rough for the bus and it was sweet!!
So then friday rolls around, we had a relaxing morning and playground time in the afternoon as usual followed by childrens worship hour. Then we had the teen meeting. Im pretty sure i told you guys last week that I was the one who was leading the study and that i was told i was giving it in portuguese... well thoughout the week i prepared what i was gonna teach, but i didnt prepare it in portuguese. I figured i could do that another time, when i have learned more. So i get to the Grupo CEO building before the study starts and Bill is there, and any of you who know Bill can prolly guess what ended up happening. I gave the study in portuguese. Yep, Bill encouraged me to take a step of faith and reminded me what an awesome testimony it would be for the teens, so, even though i really didnt want to, i did it. It was choppy and i dont know how much the teens understood, but i know that i spoke God's Truth, and the Holy Spirit will use that. And guess what! Im gonna do it again this friday! woohoo! lol
But the really encouraging part about the study was that 3 of the 4 teens who had volutneered to give a short devotional actually did and it was really cool! For three years ive come down here to teach these guys and it was so cool to be on the recieving end of their devotional. Next week Jamile, Ingrid, and Evai (idk how to spell that one. lol) are supposed to give their devotionals, so pray for them throughout the week that God will show them just what He wants them to say!
Saturday was a day that we pretty much relaxed and so was sunday for most of the day. I got my first Brazilian Ovo de Pascoa! (big chocolate egg filled with more chocolate!) The Easter service went really well and both the teens and pre-teens preformed their skits. We also had communion and both Bill and Pastor Eudes talked about the sacrifice that Jesus made for every person alive. As far as i know, no one that was there actually made a decision to surrender their life to Christ, but a seed has definitely been planted in their hearts, and His Word will not return void!
This comming week is gonna be tough because of Bimester Testing and getting back intor the routine of school after a long weekend. Pray for strength and understanding for me and Patrick, Douglas, and Amanda as they take their tests too. I titled this one "He's Alive" not just cuz its easter and thats what we're all celebrating, but because i can see Him moving in the hearts and lives of so many people here! He's so active and waiting for people to let Him take over! Keep praying for the eyes of the people here to be opened so they can see how much love and purpose God has in store for them! Thank you so much for reading and for remember me and the Brazilians! God Bless!
Until Next Time,

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  1. HE is alive indeed!

    You are an amazing person! I will be praying for you as the tests come up and can't wait to hear all that God continues to do in the hearts of the teens and preteens using you as His vessel!

    I miss you time!!!

    I am praying! Tell everyone I miss them!!