Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, hi!

Goodness, i havent blogged in a while, have i? We just got back from a wonderful vacation to the beach for Carnaval! it was beautiful! God really never ceases to amaze me with His creation! It was nice to have a break from school too! my classes are still pretty tough but getting easier. im slowly picking up more of the language and now i have a better understanding of how school is run down here which makes me more comfortable.
This morning we had a baptism and 10 people testified to their faith in Jesus Christ! Stuff like that is just a blessing to wittness, isnt it? Other than that, things in the community have been normal. Keep praying for the passion in the hearts of the people of the church, ESPECIALLY the teens! They are the future leaders of this community and it is so obvious how the younger kids want to look up to them and imitate them! They have soo much potential to serve!
Bill is getting ready to leave tomorrow for another 28 days at his job. Please pray for safety for him while he is away and strenght for Erika and the rest of the family.
Well, i didnt really write much for not blogging in so long, but the main thing is that, even though i still miss home a ton, im so happy to be here. Its great to wake up every morning and be so certain that you are in the will of your Father! And its that kind of peace and joy that i want to share to everyone reading this and everyone i come into contact with here!
I'll try to update you more frequently, but thats all for now!
Until Next Time,


  1. Gloria Deus! I'm so glad to see that God has sured you up in His Will! Keep walking in confident humility as God moves and works through you down in those peoples' lives!

  2. I am praying for you TIME!!!

    May God give you the strength and knowledge to better understand the language and the hearts of the people! I am praying for the teens!!! They have SO much potential! I can't wait for God to grab onto their hearts and see where He takes them - they would be unstoppable!!

  3. jordan. dads getting ready for work i trust you are already on your way to worship. i will be on skype or on line after work today. luke 4;12 as the spirit led christ into the wildernes to prepare him for minestry so the spirit leand you and i AMEN!!! love PA PA