Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Into Another Week

well, i can tell you for sure that even though i get to have school in a nice, sunny, warm place, i still do not enjoy it one bit. lol the classes are hard enough in enlish so this portuguese thing is just the icing on the cake that i could do without eating. i will say my portuguese is getting better though and i can understand more when i listen to people speak. being taught thing is another story though! please keep praying for my understanding, especially of the math and chemistry!
We had a good service at grupo CEO last night! bill gave a solid message and as we sang at the end he asked for anyone who needed restoration in their life, whether it be through salvation, forgiveness, repentance, or anything like that, to come to the front as a testimony to the change they wanted to make and i praise God in saying that at least 3 women from the community did so! also, one of the teens went up to Bill afterwards and said he wanted to go up, but was embarrased because no other teen did. i hope throught the time i am here i can see God transform this community into a body of believers who is supportive of one another in things like that, and no one will feel ashamed.. apathy is also a problem here, especially with the teens! pray that God lights a fire in their hearts and can not be extinguished and that they can experience the joy that only comes with being in harmony with His will!
i'll keep you updated on the work He is doing! until then, i praise Him for what He has already done!
Until Next Time,


  1. amen! isn't God so good? i love how He shows up in our daily lives. thanks for the testimony of His grace, Jo! i love reading your blogs! love you!

  2. His grace...I pray it rains over you. This is the begining of God starting a work that will forever change the lives of everyone you meet. Thank you God for preparing Jordan for the work she is there to complete ...You are amazing Father....amen.