Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Month Already?

hey guys!
well, its officially been over a month now and I can say that it has prolly been the quickest, the longest, the most challenging, and the most eye-opening month of my life! and i still have 5 more to go! (only 3 more of school though! yay!)
This week has stayed pretty busy. Bill left on sunday for his job, we are getting a new tile floor in the Grupo CEO building, i played basketball for an hour with the pre-teens on friday night, and i had a sleepover at Gessica's house (the one who had the party i danced in) and Leninha was there too. I stayed from friday to 5 on saturday and we had a really good time. i hadnt been forced to speak that much portuguese before! it was a little bit frustrating but it was good for me though. = ) I really have picked up a lot of the language in just this short month and i owe it all to the One who created languages in the first place!
Tomorrow our mid-quarter tests start at school so that means on top of regular homework, we have a test every day. It will be challenging but the school has said that as long as i try my hardest and show an interest in my classes, the tests will not weigh as heavily on my grade. What they really want to see is me interacting with the other students so thats what im gonna try and do! I've started playing 3 on 3 basketball with two of the guys in my class during our break time. Its a lot of fun even though im pretty sure im the only one who actually knows the rules!
I want to thank everyone again for all of the encouragement you give me through facebook messages, comments, and prayers! God really uses them to lift my Spirit! please pray for my sanity this week as i deal with tests and the little day-to-day surprises. I'll write again soon!
Until Next Time,

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