Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello to all, Live from Brasil!!

Welp my Brasilian summer is winding down and i am hating every second of it. But im trying to focus on the days i have left and live in every moment im in with every person. Today started out again like a normal day, except Carlyn beat me out of bed for the first time this summer! We had our fabulous banana smoothies and then carried the extra bananas over for snack for the little guys. The tears started early today with several of the girls sharing their home problems with me and God gave me some words of encouragment for them. Im not gonna go into detail, but nobody should have to deal with the things that many of the people in this community deal with on a regular basis. We talked for a while until it was time for the little guys to leave and then we laid down on the floor until pre-teens came in. Our lesson today was on the disciples and how God changed and used them, and how they were young, just like these kids.
For basketball, one half of the court they could shoot around and do whatever, but on the other half, for an hour straight, we had a "whoever can stop the Americans gets a piece of candy" competicion! We only dropped the ball a couple times cuz we did a lot of messing around. Sorry coach...
Carlyn and i did some hammock hanging out between lunch and teen time which was of course fantastic! We finished up the Q and A stuff by telling them how we all have enjoyed our time here and what we have learned from them. They seemed greatful. We had basketball and vollyball going on during sports time and then went and played on the soccer feild.
From there it was shower and off to Bible Study which was lead by none other than our very own Robert Lauter. He spoke on forgiveness which is very applicable in this community and was exactly what i know a few of these kids needed to hear. Afterwards one of the teen girls started crying again because we're leaving on Sunday, and then one of the pre-teens joined her, and as i looked around at their tears and the other kids dancing to one of the worship songs, i couldnt help but shed a few myself.
While we were all hanging out after the service, one of the guys, Benjamin, fell and hurt his arm pretty bad. (yes, just like he did last time we were here. strange, huh?) Its either broken or dislocated. Bill took him to the hospital and we'll know how he's doing later. Please pray that everything turns out ok and he heals up quickly.
Today was great, and i wish these next couple days would never end. It feels like theres a ton on stuff that i am going to be leaving unfinished, but i have to trust God to use the people He has down here to do His work once i leave.....that is...if i leave.......

Until next time,

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