Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mas Agua?!?

Hello to all, Live from Brasil!!
Phew, what a day. Started off earlier than most saturdays at 6 a.m. Bill volunteered us to help Pastor Egnardo's church pour their concrete ceiling today. He told us we would be leaving at 7 so of course, the 3 americans were ready to leave right then, but this is Brasil time. When do you guys think we left? any takers? try around 815. the 8 of us (Bill, Patrick, Douglas, Renan, James, Laura, Carlyn, and i) walked down to the "bus stop" and caught a ride to the church. We were lucky enough to grab a seat to, as opposed to the group of drunks who got on at the next stop and had to stand and hold on to the rail on the ceiling of the car. (remember that rail for later, k?)
We got there and jumped right in hauling wheel-barrels of rocks and sand to the cement mixer. Then once it was all ready, we haulded it from the mixer to the building, bucket by bucket until our break at noon. Then after we ate lunch we did more hauling, bucket by bucket, until 4. At one point the concrete mixer actualy broke, but right around the same time, this drunk guy that everyone in the community knows showed up and he didnt want to do anything but mix concrete, so me let him! It was rather enteraining. There was also another guy there who had the energy of a five-year old after eating a giant pixie stick! it was pretty funny. All day we went back and forth and they kept calling out "mas agua?" "que mas agua!?" "oi, que mas agua!?!" We made sure they had plenty of water for the mix to say the least..
We finally finished the whole roof and made our way to the back to the bus stop. We didnt get a seat this time cuz it was already pretty full, or so we thought. We pulled up to one stop and a group of prolly 8 or 9 girls was waiting to get on our bus which already had like 15 people on it!
There was no room for the all the girls to hang on to the rail, so the whole time they were screaming and running in to people. It was an unpleasent experience to say the least.
After what seemed like forever, our stop was in sight, but just as the bus turned to make the stop, everybody shifted to the right and the bar that Bill, Laura, a bunch of othe people, and i were hanging on to gave out and disconnected from the ceiling! And this, of course, resulted in a chorus of squeals from the group of girls. But it was luckily our stop, so we all jumped off and headed home.
Erika didnt want us in the house with our concrete-cakes clothes (alliteration!) so we showered in the dorm. Laura, Carlyn and i worked on the lessons we are going to give tomorrow at the Grupo CEO church and then ate some dinner. Then at 7 we went to a funeral for the grandmother one of the teen girls in the area. Today was supposed to be her 15 year celebration, but her grandmother passed way at 6 this morning from a heart attack. Please keep this family in your prayers.
We got home around 9 and i helped Erika with the dishes, and now here i am talking to you beautiful people! I am so ecxited for this week and all of the new things that will be happening with Rob and Nate arriving! Thanks for your continued support and prayers! Tchau!

Until next time,

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