Thursday, July 23, 2009

Im Leavin' on a Jet-Plane..

Hello to all, Live from Brasil!!
What a good last couple of days! The lessons were on the washing of the disciples feet for the little ones and Pre-Teens, and they took it surprisingly seriously! It was raining again so we played dodgeball and then i started packing after lunch.
We only had a couple of girls at the begining of Teen time, but then more showed up. We gave them all Lakewood basketball shirts and they loved them. A few of our regulars were'nt there, so we held off on the feet washing for the next day. we gave them a chance to ask us any questions they had and tell us what they want to learn more about in the future and we had some decent feedback.
We didnt have time for basketball since we spent so much time talking, so we sent them to soccer and Laura, Elo, and i took Barbara and Josefa (two of the girls who were involved in the misunderstanding/Communication breakdown i mentioned a few days ago) aside and had them talk it out. It took them a while to start talking and longer to get them to look each other in the eyes for more than a split second, but by the time we were done, they asked for forgiveness and forgave each other, hugged, and walked off to the soccer feild. Woohoo! Please pray that they can continue to regain their friendship over time.
Soccer was a lot of fun and since it was my last chance, i had no choice but to play! My team won a few times thanks to Miacon the baller! From there it was home, shower, dinner, Church. Brian taught from Matthew 5 about Salt, Light, and a City on a Hill after James and Renan welcomed him with a fantastic skit featuring him. It was great!
After the service, people started crying again, but this time it was like everyone, even some of the boys! One of the girls crying was Josefa, (Joyce's sister) and i knew she was close to making the decision for Christ and i felt a strong prompting to go and talk to her. I took her aside with Elo and asked her, "If i dont come back to Brasil, or if you're not around when i do, will i ever see you again?" We talked for a few minutes about why she hadnt yet become a christian and she said she believes in Jesus and His death and resurrection, but she just hadnt done anything about it. She hadnt asked for forgiveness. I asked if she wanted to right then and she said yes, so we grabbed a hands and she repeated after me the words to a "sinner's prayer" and she's now our sister in Christ! Gloria a Deus!!
After that i waded through hugs to the door and said goodnight. I finished most of my packing and we hung out for a while, enjoying our last night with a huge smoothie!
Today, as of now, we've had our last little kid and Pre-teen gatherings. They were both celebrations of the time we've been blessed with together this summer so we played some balloon games and charrades. It's raining again, so no basketball. One of the girls said the sky is crying because i am leaving, and i had to agree!
For Teen time today, we're doing the washing of the feet, so be praying that we're lead by the Spirit! And also pray for Nate, Rob, and I as we are leaving this beautiful place!
Well, its been good keeping in touch with you guys through the gift of modern technology, but now i must bid you farewell. Thanks to all of you who faithfuly tuned in and put up with the "books" that I've written. I cant wait to see you all and tell you in person of all that God has done, is doing, and is going to do her in NE Brasil!!

Signing off,

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