Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Much to Write, So Little Time!

Hello to all, Live from Brasil!!

Another great day in Maracanau! Im super behind in my journaling though, and, seeing as we're gonna have a big weekend at VQ, i need to get some sleep. So if you wanna stay updated on how today went, you can check out Carlyn's blog. . (yeah, i know, im slacking) i do have one thing i want to share with you though. Ingrid, the girl who had the problem with forgiveness, came up to Elo today and said that she has been thinking and she is going to forgive the girl! Praise God! Also, she said that she's having some problems at home and wants to talk to me again on Sunday. Please pray that i am sensetive to the Holy Spirit and can get across to her what God wants her to learn about Him!
I wont be able to blog for the next couple days, so hope you guys have a great friday and saturday and i'll talk to you on Sunday! Love you guys and thanks for being such faithful readers!

P.S. Erika's surgery went great and shes now home resting in bed. Please keep on praying for her healing and her spirit!

Until next time,

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